Submitted by Ty on Thu, 03/24/2011 - 15:47

I have been waiting and waiting to share this with you but I promised Jake and Melissa from Quilter's Home that I would not breathe a word of it until the magazine was on the shelves.  Well, today is the day and I'm pumped to finally unveil Brick House made from my Ty Pennington Impressions   cotton fabric. Is this like the coolest quilt you've ever seen?  I love how quilt designer Scott Hansen from Blue Nickel Studios made each square look like a brick simply through fabric placement; pretty apropos given my line of work. I did get a sneak preview in December on the beach, (tough job, right, but someone's gotta' do it), the perfect place for wrapping up and getting cozy in a quilt. Ty Pennington Quilt Design